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Since 2013 Kirby Elaine has released five contemporary romance novels in addition to two short stories and part one of Lexi, the mini series. If her scope of work has taught her nothing else, it's taught her that true love does exist. "Writing romance can be challenging, you want it to be authentic and that can be hard when readers want fairy tales." So how does she combine real love with "happily ever after"? "I want to give my readers a bit of both so I make my characters do the work for me, they are real people with real issues. And they're wanting what we all want out of life, happiness."

What sets Kirby Elaine apart from the flood of romance authors out there?

"It's a very saturated market. There are a million and one books to choose from and in romance, they are so often about the chase. I get that, a few of my titles are the same way. But what happens next? My first series, the Scott/Price Collection, gives you that. The chase, the meat, the happily ever after and beyond. My characters don't disappear after the "I do". They grow and learn and sometimes that's a good thing for their relationships, sometimes they realize that they went wrong somewhere. But that's life and I like it that way."

So what's next?

"I said I was done after I finished "Michael". But that's not how it works being a writer. Another story was begging to be told so after the last release, I began writing another novel. This is a big deal for me. It's number six it'll be my first release after the Baltimore Book Festival in September. But like every other book, it's a work in progress. I haven't set a release date, I haven't released any real information about the book. It's a different approach for me but I have a very special cover model who's getting a lot of attention right now. I don't want to piggy back off of that. This is his first book cover and I want to do it justice."


​​Kirby Elaine